Meet Your Team

Here are the creative individuals, thoughtful strategists, and tireless developers who work hard to understand your business in order to reach your customers.

Alex Tran

Outreach Specialist

Alex specializes in connecting your company with online opportunities that build awareness of your brand, enhance its reputation, and best communicate its story.

Emalie Soderback

Content Writer

Emalie is a creative content writer specializing in creating engaging and relevant blog posts for clients’ websites.

Hannah Baumhofer

Multimedia Manager

Hannah develops creative imagery to help tell your brand story and optimizes client media content for all digital platforms.

Jae Glenn

Social Media Specialist

Jae is a graphic designer turned social media expert who specializes in creating eye-catching, engaging social campaigns for our client’s brands.

Jessa Toth

SEO Outreach Specialist

Jessa specializes in driving on-site and off-site SEO strategies for our clients. Through strategic planning, she ensures your website is best optimized for visibility and authority in Google’s search results.

Kira Odlozil

Marketing Admin

Kira upholds exceptional customer service for all incoming clients, while coordinating day-to-day office operations to secure the efficiency of our team.

Kristin Fiedler

Front-End Developer, UX Designer

Kristin specializes in arranging boxes, pictures, and words on a screen to best shape user experiences through conducting user research and competitor analysis.

Leah Haines

Director of Creative Services

Leah directs all creative departments — design, development, photo, and video — to set the vision, planning, production, and implementation of all creative assets for our clients.

Mick Cheung

Back-End Developer, Technical Support Specialist

Mick specializes in back-end development to ensure your website is performing to the best of its ability. He provides the technical support you need if you ever encounter any issues.

Mike Quayle

Managing Director

Mike manages all company operations in addition to directing client strategy through strong SEO search campaigns.

Miquelle Radich

Editor, Content Writer

Miquelle ensures all content output by our team — whether for blogs, sites, social media, etc. — is in good shape (for strategy, grammar, form, and SEO requirements).

Simar Kainth

Account Strategist, SEO/SEM Specialist

Simar works to develop strategic SEO and SEM campaigns to drive marketing success for our clients, while managing client deliverables.

Sonya Ortis

Lead Web Developer

Sonya designs and builds websites for clients while also leading the development team by supervising client site revisions, maintenance, security, and issue troubleshooting.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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