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Showcase Your Brand With High-Quality Photography

In the age of smartphones and ubiquitous photography, you need more than a few snapshots to make your organization known. From website imagery and Yelp profile photos to social media content, our top-notch photography team is here to help you.

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Why Is Photography Important for Your Business?

  • Consumers prefer more visual content. If your content is broken up by engaging photos, people are more likely to read it — and remember it. Three days after hearing about or reading information, people remember just 10% of it; but they remember 65% if the information features a good image.
  • Unique photos rank better than stock photos. Google favors original content, and that includes photos. If your website features the same stock photos that are seen all over the internet, your website could be taking a hit.
  • Quality photos make you look more professional. People expect credible websites to have high-quality photos. Low-quality photos (or a lack of photos altogether) may be the last straw that prompts a potential customer to go with a competitor.
  • Photos influence your branding. The imagery you use helps you connect to your audience and establish brand recognition, meaning that taking the right kind (and quality) of photos is crucial.
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How Marketeering Group Does Photography

Our photography services begin with a conversation to establish your goals and budget. During this discussion, your account strategist provides creative direction to ensure that the photo shoot is designed to produce photos that meet your needs. Your strategist provides a detailed shot list before the photo shoot as well, so you know what you’re getting ahead of time.

Because we work with a network of diverse photographers, we have incredible flexibility when it comes to shoot locations, budgets, and photography type. Our in-house studio and equipment also give us immediate and convenient access to everything we need for last-minute photo shoots, as well as a variety of creative options.

What’s Included in Your Photography Services?

Your account strategist will work with you to choose the photography services that will best accomplish your business goals. These services could include:

Location (360) Photography

Headshot Photography

Food Photography

Aerial Photography

Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Event Photography

Portrait Photography

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