Our Approach to Closing the Digital Marketing Talent Gap

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Our Approach to Closing the Digital Marketing Talent Gap

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Marketing of the past is a dying art. It’s been a long time since a full page ad in the newspaper or a commercial on one of four T.V. channels was all you needed to fuel your business. Digital marketing is a complex and multifaceted process that needs expertise across fields to maximize its potential. From SEO, to social media, to content marketing and more, the most successful digital marketing comes from well integrated teams across various aspects of marketing.

There’s only one problem: The talent gap in our industry is larger than we thought.

A recent study by the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) found a huge talent gap across digital marketing professionals. OMI surveyed over 700 organizations who use digital marketing either in-house or through an agency. Here’s what they found:

  • There is a 25 percent talent gap among large businesses and 30-43 percent talent gap among agencies.
  • 71 percent of large brands and enterprise organizations say their digital marketing team is strong in some areas, but mediocre or weak in others.
  • The industry is driving a higher need for specialists. While 34 percent look for both generalists and specialists,
  • 22 percent said the need for specialists is growing.
  • In terms of specialists, the biggest need for specialized talent falls under analytics, email, content marketing, mobile marketing and social media.

Our Approach to Closing the Talent Gap

At Marketeering Group, we believe in filling this gap for local businesses and for our Seattle agency partners. We know that segmented marketing plans don’t work. We believe all aspects of digital marketing need to be integrated to deliver the best results. From building holistic strategies that incorporate content, social media, SEO and more, to building internal continuing education programs for our employees, our approach enables us to fill the talent gap and deliver the best results to our customers. Here’s what sets us apart:

Scalability: While others are focus on maximizing revenue and profit in the short term, we focus on learning how to work at scale. This means we can meet our clients needs at any scope of service.

Community Connections: We build alliances with community partners, enabling them to leverage our talent to deliver the best results.

Mission and Vision: We stay true to our mission of creating connections in the digital sphere on a scalable model. This means from building a brand for a completely new company, to offering a completely outsourced marketing department for large businesses, we stay true to our mission; we uphold our commitment to building connections and driving conversions for our clients, and simply grow our services in size and scale.

Breakdown of Individual Services: By understanding the cost and process behind individual services, we’ve been able to itemize particular services. That means we can offer “a la carte” style options to meet specific needs, ranging from services as granular as Linkedin Group Posting, to building national branding campaigns.

At Marketeering Group, we believe in offering holistic marketing services at a great price to help companies large and small thrive. We know that the best results start with the best talent, and as such, we are invested in offering top notch, scalable services across all aspects of digital marketing. To learn more about our services and membership options, visit our website today!