Small Business Member Marketing Packages

Small Business Membership

By becoming a member of Marketeering Group, you get exclusive pricing, news, consulting and training, and updates about new services as they become available.

  • 2-hour consulting retainer for any marketing need
  • 50% off public pricing for services ($75/ Token)
  • Access to a general strategist who will help guide service purchases

$100 per month (Application Required)

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Small Business Member Marketing Packages

Our original small business marketing packages have been transformed into a “bundle and save” model of service delivery, where the membership cost is integrated into a single package price to allow for services delivered at a consistent monthly rate. While these marketing packages present significant savings above the membership-alone option, they also come with some restrictions in how each package’s tokens can be spent on services. These restrictions are not designed to limit your freedom, but rather to increase your strategist’s authority to be able to accomplish your goals.

Your marketing package is first and foremost applied as a campaign, managed by a strategist, and targeted at the specific goals we set with you during member setup.

There are additional expenses to set up these campaigns, which is why the setup month is a little more expensive. This provides your strategist with the time and resources they need to manage the team in setting up your account, writing your strategic plan and implementing technical and creative changes to help in the running of your campaign later on.

Your strategist works with you to establish your goals. We then identify specific metrics that tell us if we’re hitting those goals. Finally, your strategist will work with your budget of tokens in order to engage the right mix of services to achieve your goal. They work with specialized team members to ensure that the work is accomplished and the goals are met.

Starter Package

Monthly savings of $150

Great for Main Street establishments like restaurants, bars, spas, salons and retail shops. This comes with a bundle of 6 tokens per month, and membership is included:

  • 5 Monthly Service Tokens
  • 1 Monthly Insurance Token
  • Strategic Plan (6 months)
    • 1 goal at a time
  • Data + Activity Reporting

$600 for Setup Month (10 tokens for the setup)

$400 per Month after Setup

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Standard Package

Monthly savings of $450

Reaching an audience in a local area that’s got a bit of competition requires a little bit more work than the Starter package covers. The Standard package typically works well for plumbers, roofers, painters, doctors, dentists, and anyone else that typically competes heavily within a 10-mile radius. It includes:

  • 10 Monthly Service Tokens
  • 2 Monthly Insurance Tokens
  • Strategic Plan (3-6 months)
    • 2 active goals
  • Assigned Strategist
  • Data + Activity Reporting

$1,000 Setup Month (15 tokens for the setup, plus a custom Strategic Plan)

$700 per Month after Setup

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Premium Package

Monthly savings of $725

Reaching an audience over an expansive geography or competing in highly congested markets will take a higher level of dedication. Small Business Premium Package Members not only get access to greater resources, but they also get access to our senior-level strategists. This level of membership package includes:

  • 18 Monthly Service Tokens
  • 3 Monthly Insurance Tokens
  • Assigned Sr. Level Strategist
  • Strategic Plan (1-3 months)
    • 3 active goals
    • Regular in-Month Updates
  • Data + Activity Reporting

$1,500 Setup Month (25 tokens for the setup, plus a custom 12-month Strategic Plan covering up to 3 goals, and an Extensive Discovery Meeting with your team)

$1,200 per Month after Setup

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Each package is all inclusive; the differences between them are the power, strength, and speed as needed by you. We begin with a strategic plan where we set overarching goals, then focus all marketing efforts to work together to accomplish them.

  • All digital marketing in one place for one price
  • Friendly, proficient & articulate account managers
  • Intelligent and flexible application of services

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