Small Business Member Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages

Because when services are tied together by a collaborative team that knows what they’re doing:

  • Costs go down
  • Results go up
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We’re called “Marketeering Group” in part because we believe in whole “all for one and one for all” Idea. A package allows different services to work in tandem with each other for best results.

How the package is applied

Your marketing package is first and foremost applied as a campaign, managed by a strategist, and targeted at the specific goals we set with you during member setup.

Your strategist works with you to establish your goals. We then identify specific metrics that tell us if we’re hitting those goals. Finally, your strategist will work with your budget of tokens in order to engage the right mix of services to achieve your goal. They work with specialized team members to ensure that the work is accomplished and the goals are met.

Businesses Served with Small Business Packages.

Sara D. Gave us 5 Stars on Yelp!

Fitness Biz Owner

“I have been working with the Marketeering Group for about 6 months now.  They have been great to work with.  I hired them to increase traffic to my site, etc (SEO stuff…) and they have done just that.” 

Enterprise Services are catered toward driving strong, achievable goals in the 4 biggest industry categories of the SMP 500.


Each package is all inclusive; the differences between them are the power, strength, and speed as needed by you. We begin with a strategic plan where we set overarching goals, then focus all marketing efforts to work together to accomplish them.

  • All digital marketing in one place for one price
  • Friendly, proficient & articulate account managers
  • Intelligent and flexible application of services