Digital Marketing Packages

Because success in marketing takes teamwork

Digital Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages are collections of our other services, that are prebuilt into the most effective combinations. We do this because when services are tied together by a collaborative team with a dialed in process:

Part of the concept behind Marketeering Group is the “all for one and one for all” Idea.

A package allows different creative and technical services to work in tandem with each other for best results.


Each package is all inclusive; the differences between them are the power, strength, and speed as needed by you. We begin with a strategic plan where we set overarching goals, then focus all marketing efforts to work together to accomplish them.

  • All digital marketing in one place for one price
  • Friendly, proficient & articulate account managers
  • Intelligent and flexible application of services

How to get your marketing package started

How to get your Marketing Package started

Sign Up Process

While this process may include consulting to help you find the right package, if you know what you want you can get through this first part completely through our website.

Pick Your Package

All of our packages are listed below. Details of what’s included in each are on their individual product pages. You can also talk to a consultant to help you choose by clicking here.

Add your Package to the Cart

If you’re not registered for a free account, click here

Answer strategy question during checkout

We’ll request logins, and other information we’ll need to run your campaign, during the first step of the checkout process.

Complete Checkout & Setup Billing

Just enter your credit card and accept the terms and conditions. (Basically it’s a 6-month commitment, then it goes month to month)

Set Up Process

The setup process takes the course of the first month.

We set up your account

Immediately after signing, we set up your account in our project management system, connect your social media profiles with our tools, and install or setup data tracking and tools.

Meet with your strategist

Your strategist will be your primary point person and be responsible for the achievement of your goals and the assignment of day to day tasks. Your meeting will be to review your goals and priorities, set objectives and benchmarks, confirm brand tone and voice, target audience and set financial parameters for success.

Review 1st Strategic Plan

Based on your consultation time, we create an initial 90-day plan that includes 2-3 primary goals, and key performance indicators to measure how well we’re achieving them. This plan impacts the day to do of what is delivered including content topics and placements, social media calendar, SEO focuses etc. Much of this plan is written using data collected during the setup process and is accounted for by the signup fee. 

Start Getting Results

Once your package has been applied for 60-90 days we should start getting enough data to track measurable results on the desired goals. If the trends are not what was expected, the strategic plan and implementation are adjusted at this point to compensate. 

How the package is applied

Your marketing package is first and foremost applied as a campaign, managed by a strategist, and targeted at the specific goals we set with you during member setup.

Your strategist works with you to establish your goals. We then identify specific metrics that tell us if we’re hitting those goals. Finally, your strategist will work with your budget of tokens in order to engage the right mix of services to achieve your goal. They work with specialized team members to ensure that the work is accomplished and the goals are met.

Businesses Served with Small Business Packages.
Sara Dean of Sync Fitness and Shameless Mom Academy

Sara D. Gave us 5 Stars on Yelp!

Fitness Biz Owner

“I have been working with the Marketeering Group for about 6 months now.  They have been great to work with.  I hired them to increase traffic to my site, etc (SEO stuff…) and they have done just that.” 

Enterprise Packages:

Enterprise Services are catered toward driving strong, achievable goals. For companies with Marketing Budgets of $10,000+/mo.

Rather than beginning with preset service sets, our Enterprise Packages are 100% custom, and far more flexible.

We begin our process by identifying, attainable mid-range goals in total visibility, website traffic, and conversions. These goals set the Key Performance Indicators we’ use as measuring sticks of success.

Due to changes in the market, we often make the services flexible and generally listed, so we can adjust and pivot the services to achieve the goals without approval barriers.

The first step is to fill out the form on the left, and we’ll assess your business to see if you qualify.