How Content Marketing Increased Hollingsworth’s Organic Website Traffic by 500%

Hollingsworth packing warehouse

How Content Marketing Increased Hollingsworth’s Organic Website Traffic by 500%

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Hollingsworth has been providing third-party logistics and full-service fulfillment and distribution services for a wide range of industries for more than 30 years.

Prior to engaging Marketeering Group to do their digital marketing, Hollingsworth had very little content on their website, We started by generating pieces with titles we already knew would draw traffic, such as “Best Supply Chains from Companies Around the World,” and then built out content for all of Hollingsworth’s service pages and the industries they serve. The result initially tripled their organic website traffic, from 624 visitors in a month (January 2017) to 1,919 visitors in June 2017. Then, in tandem with link-building and other efforts in SEO, the additional content on their site contributed to 3,743 monthly visitors just over one year later.

We also completely redesigned Hollingsworth’s website to upgrade the look and feel and compete more successfully with their competitors:

The Marketeering Group development, graphic design, and content teams collaborated to format, design visual elements, and beef up the content on their service pages for more information, clarity, and understanding for users:

Hollingsworth serves a wide range of industries, from automotive and aerospace where the company finds its roots, to e-commerce and consumer goods. We created and optimized content and graphic design elements for these pages in order to appeal to the different audiences Hollingsworth serves within its client base:

We continue to strategize effective titles that will bring Hollingsworth more website traffic, and create long-form articles as well as short blog posts to make Hollingsworth a leading voice in their industry:

Hollingsworth is our largest SEO account, and we’ve had more success on this account than any other in terms of website traffic and leads. Organic search continues to lead all sources of successful leads in 2019: