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How to Pick your Own Services

How to Pick Services

Sign Up Process

While this process may include consulting to help you find the right package, if you know what you want you can get through this first part completely through our website.

Pick Your Services

All of our services are listed below categories. You also can use the search fields in the header, footer, and sidebar of every page to find what you’re looking for.  You can also talk to a consultant to help you choose by clicking here.

Add your service to the Cart

If you’re not registered for a free account, click here

Answer strategy question during checkout

We’ll request logins, and other information we’ll need to run your campaign, during the first step of the checkout process.

Complete Checkout & Setup Billing

Just enter your credit card and accept the terms and conditions. (Certain services carry 6-month commitment, then it goes month to month)

Set Up Process

The setup process takes the course of the first month.

We set up your account

Immediately after signing, we set up your account in our project management system, connect your social media profiles with our tools, and install or setup data tracking and tools.

Meet with your strategist

Your strategist will be your primary point person and be responsible for the achievement of your goals and the assignment of day to day tasks. Your meeting will be to review your goals and priorities, set objectives and benchmarks, confirm brand tone and voice, target audience and set financial parameters for success.


Start Getting Results

Once your package has been applied for 60-90 days we should start getting enough data to track measurable results on the desired goals. If the trends are not what was expected, the strategic plan and implementation are adjusted at this point to compensate.