Infographic Content & Design

Infographic Content & Design
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Why Tile kick-started a campaign to promote the benefits of porcelain tile.

As part of that campaign, the company wanted to create resources that its members — tile manufacturers and distributors — could use in their own marketing efforts. 

When its team wanted to choose a content type to cover tile’s health benefits, they opted for an infographic.

Why? Infographics are clear visual representations of information and data — and they’re spectacular marketing tools:

  • The process of explaining and digesting complex details is easier.
  • They’re visual and memorable.
  • Infographics encourage social media interaction, like sharing.
  • They increase website traffic with embed codes and shareable links.
  • They build brand awareness and showcase your subject matter expertise.
  • Their visual-first presentation prompts customers to take action.

We got to work at Marketeering Group. First, we developed and finalized content, then worked with a designer to create engaging visuals.

The result, Healthy Benefits of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile infographic, is now a valuable resource that Why Tile members use in social media, email marketing and more.

We take a tried-and-true approach to building great infographics:

  1. You complete a design questionnaire and send us any existing assets or information.
  2. Our content writers start generating the infographic’s content.
  3. You approve the content they’ve created.
  4. Our designers start crafting your infographic.
  5. We send you a first draft, and you send any revisions you’d like.
  6. We send you a second draft, where you can ask for final revisions.
  7. We send you the final infographic design asset (PDF, jpeg, png, etc.).

The result is a polished, sharp look at information that your customers or clients might otherwise struggle to digest.

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Speak with one of our strategists to see how our infographic content and infographic design services can help your business draw in customers.