Infographic Design

Infographic Design
Graphic Design

Infographics are excellent visual representations of information and data. They are great marketing tools because they show off your expertise on a subject, while letting your audience quickly scan through your content. They also help to increase traffic to your site through embed codes and sharable links.

What is the the typical process to create an infographic?

  1. Complete a design questionnaire and send over any existing assets or information
  2. Our content writers get started on writing the content for the infographic
  3. Content is approved by you
  4. Our designers get started on your graphic
  5. We send you a first draft and you send back any revisions
  6. Then we send a second draft and this is your chance for any final revisions
  7. Our team sends you the final deliverable of the design asset (PDF, jpeg, png, etc)

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