Tile Council of North America Website Build

Tile Council of North America Website Build
Website Builds

TCNA’s offerings and selling points had grown, but its site content hadn’t kept up. We worked with the TCNA team to update content across the site to reflect changes in the company and better position TCNA as a leader in the industry.

The site’s new intuitive backend also means that TCNA’s staff can easily update content in the future, ensuring up-to-date information to better build trust with visitors.

More and larger images as well as bold graphics, colors and fonts also modernized the site and made it appeal to a more high-tech audience.

A primary goal of the site build was to make the site easier to use and more visually pleasing.

To this end, we reorganized the site’s navigation to focus on visitors’ main goals so they can quickly find what they’re looking for with minimal clicks. We also redesigned the Lab Testing Services and Publications pages to make it easier to find and purchase tests and publications.

We built TCNA’s website to be fast, responsive and mobile-friendly. It’s compliant for a full range of devices and audiences and ranks well with speed testing services such as Google Page Speed Insights.

As with all our sites, we also ensured that it meets web accessibility and privacy compliance standards.