Yavar Website Build

Yavar Website Build
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Two of Yavar’s primary goals with their new site were to appeal to small business employees and to stand out from other IT companies.

To make this happen, we crafted content that focuses on the benefits outsourced IT services provide to small business employees, such as reduced stress and more time to focus on their actual business. We also set up a blog to share IT news and resources, while emphasizing Yavar’s expertise with SEO-friendly content.

Branding also played a significant role in setting Yavar apart from the competition. We opted for a warm color palette of pink, orange and purple to contrast with the common IT company branding colors, blue and green. We also used large photos and graphics to give the website a modern and high-tech — yet personable — feel.

Nothing loses visitors’ trust more quickly than an unintuitive website — especially if you’re an IT company. So, we focused on organizing the site in a way that made Yavar’s offerings easy to find and understand.

This meant creating individual pages for each of Yavar’s services to better explain what each entails. Putting these pages at the front of the main navigation made them impossible to miss.

We also placed a new Refer a Client page prominently in the main navigation to encourage site visitors to refer Yavar to other organizations.

We designed Yavar’s website to be fast, responsive and functional on varying screen sizes and devices, including mobile. It ranks highly with Google Page Speed Insights and other speed testing services and meets all web accessibility and privacy compliance requirements.