5 Free Web Marketing Tools to Help Boost Your Business

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5 Free Web Marketing Tools to Help Boost Your Business

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Free stuff Friday! From the team at Marketeering Group, here’s a hand-picked selection of our favorite free web tools that small business owners can use to boost their businesses in the digital marketplace.

1. Ahrefs

We use this tool every day. It’s a great way to check links back to your site, crawled pages, and your URL rank. It also provides user-friendly information about each of those terms if you don’t understand their importance. It’ll also give you a breakdown of the most valuable content on your website, including metrics of popular pages on social media channels.

2. Google Trends


Find out what people are talking about. This real-time data on what people are talking about can not only keep you informed, but it can also allow you to adjust your content strategy accordingly. Some things are no-brainers (i.e.: every business’ posts leading up to the Super Bowl), but sometimes things are harder to keep tabs on. For a cool screensaver or visualizer, check this out.

3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator


If you’re coming up short on blog topic ideas, Portent’s is a quick and easy way to help the creative juices flow. While some of its creations are a little far-fetched (How Digital Marketing Killed Kenny, Why Digital Marketing is Cuter Than a Kitten), it might jump-start your process on those groggier days.

4. Squarespace Logo

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Modern, clean design is Squarespace‘s bread and butter. One of their newest tools is also free – Squarespace Logo. While we wouldn’t recommend it for in-depth design needs or more intricate approaches, it’s a good way to throw ideas around or establish baselines so you can approach an actual human for your design needs.

5. Yoast

A free plug-in for WordPress sites, Yoast gives your site a basic SEO boost to make it more Google friendly. It also helps you target keywords for your blog posts and page content, which helps you boost your visibility in search results and hopefully improve traffic to your site.