How to Make Mobile Work for Small Businesses

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How to Make Mobile Work for Small Businesses

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Mobile phone sales have dramatically overtaken the PC market, but small businesses are still struggling to catch up and compete in this new space. More and more people are conducting business and performing day-to-day tasks on their phones, so business owners should be ready to meet potential customers halfway and make sure their mobile strategy is on point. Here are a few tips for making mobile work for small businesses.

Schema Markup

A relatively easy step to boost your search engine presence, doing some schema markup on your website will make it easier for Google to find and display information about your business. This is big for mobile – if you’re a restaurant looking to add to your foot traffic, you’ll want your location, phone number, and hours of operation available to people passing through the neighborhood and looking for a spot to eat on the go.

Clean Up Your Website

You’d be surprised how many websites we come across that are either 1.) Not optimized for mobile, and 2.) Don’t have their phone number easily clickable. It’d make sense to make that easy for people to call from the very device they’re viewing your website on, right? Positioning your critical information at the top of your page and making it easy for mobile users to access is the key to success in this space.

Go the Extra Mile

So many websites have half-baked mobile implementation and with so many different mobile devices out there, the shortcomings are getting easier and easier to identify. So what if only 10% of your audience is coming through on a Windows Phone? If it looks and feels like crap to a few people, they’ll never come back – and they definitely won’t recommend you to their iPhone or Samsung-owning friends. Do the extra work and make your site a pleasant experience for every user, regardless of their platform of choice. The better their experience, the more they’ll like you. It’s that simple.