Think Your Small Business Website DOESN’T Need a Blog? Think Again!

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Think Your Small Business Website DOESN’T Need a Blog? Think Again!

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A regularly updated blog is critical to a website’s success in the online realm. Despite this, an occasional client or potential client of ours will claim that they don’t think their website needs a blog. But it does!

Our digital marketing packages for small businesses all include at least one blog post per month. There are several important reasons why this is the case – here are the top three…

More keywords mean more customers. With consistent updates and regular, lengthy content added to your website blog each month, your website suddenly has authority with many more keywords. This means that when your potential customers are searching for more niche keywords in Google, your website has a stronger presence – getting more traffic to your site and therefore, to your business (because those customers are searching for exactly the thing you have to offer). Without a blog, those customers may never have found you – especially if they didn’t already know your business name. 

Blog content can supercharge your SEO, and a lack thereof can thwart it. Lauren wrote a post a few months ago about the 13 benefits of a blog to a small business website, and most of these pertain to the benefit to Search Engine Optimization. These all remain true. With an active blog on your website, your site gains access to all kinds of important facets of a strong SEO strategy: relevancy, search engine rankings, link attraction, authority building, and more. Without a blog, these things are still achievable, but it will take much longer and likely require extra work from an SEO expert – costing your business far more than the hour or so you spend writing a blog post each month.

Engage with your customers to bring them back for more. There are more ways to engage with your customers and potential customers than merely social media outlets. A blog post is a fantastic way to explain the details of something new happening with your business, such as an event or new product/service, without publishing a long and obnoxious Facebook post (Twitter wouldn’t allow this anyway, due to the 140-character limit). Then, you can summarize what’s new in a short post for social media with a link to the blog post that has all of the details!

Hopefully this post has enlightened you on the need for an active blog on your small business website. If not, give us a shout and we’d be happy to consult on this topic in more depth!

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