Why Content-First Web Design Is So Important

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Why Content-First Web Design Is So Important

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How often do you pick out gift wrap before purchasing the gift, or choose the kind of cake you want based off the exact decorations you want to put on the outside? Sometimes? Rarely? Almost never?

The same basic idea applies to designing and developing websites. The important part for the user isn’t the exact layout, colors, fonts, or style you use: It’s the content and the information it provides. 

Many web designers are so focused on how a site looks that they forget to think about what a site says (or doesn’t say). No matter how great your site design is, if visitors can’t find the information they need or figure out what your business actually does, your website is probably doing more harm than good.

What Is Content-First Web Design?

Content-first web design is the process of designing and developing websites around the content needed to communicate your message to your users. In contrast, traditional web design and development processes tend to put content in the back seat and just plug it in wherever it fits in the design.

As a digital marketing and SEO company, our main goal is to create websites that turn site visitors into customers. To do this, we have to ensure that your site not only looks good and reflects your brand, but also gives users the information they need to decide to use your product or service. 

That’s why we believe in content-first web design. 

By focusing on what the website needs to say first, we can build multimedia elements — photos, videos, and graphics — and the site design around the messages they need to convey. This helps to ensure that our supporting elements are designed to enhance the content.

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What Does Content-First Web Design Look Like?

At Marketeering Group, we rely on our integrated team of designers, developers, content writers, strategists, and SEO specialists to build sites that are content-rich, on-brand, and ready to be used across all digital marketing channels.

Our Process

Our design and development team’s web design processes follow the same basic trajectory no matter the size or complexity of the project. 

Inspiration and Planning

  • Work with the client to set goals and expectations for what the site will do.
  • Gather inspiration from the client’s brand, examples of sites they like, and even their competition.
  • Decide on a sitemap, wireframes, tools (theme, plugins, and other functionality) and an overall tone for the site.

Content and Multimedia Creation

  • Create page outlines based on the sitemap and desired wireframes, including page titles, subheadings, taglines, and necessary content sections. (When it comes to matching content to wireframes, our content writers know that the wireframes are an initial guide and that they can make adjustments as they develop the content.)
  • Create shot lists for photo/video and spec sheets for any graphic needs.

Design and Development

  • Use content, graphics, photo/video, wireframes, and branding elements to design and develop the site.
  • Review, test, and revise to ensure that all functionality is working, the site responds well on all device sizes, and everything meets the client’s expectations.


  • After all revisions and tests are complete and the client approves the site, we release it into the wild.
  • After launch, we continue to perform regular maintenance, security, and updates to sites to ensure they are running well and stay up to date and relevant.

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Why Work With a Team That Uses Content-First Web Design

No matter how big or small your business, nor how simple or complex your website, you should work with a team that is focused on telling your story and spreading your message to your users. To accomplish this, your content needs to be paramount to the process — not an afterthought. 

At Marketeering Group, we focus on who your business is and what your site visitors need to know while designing and developing your website. We want you to be able to be proud of how your website looks and how functional and helpful it is for your visitors. This keeps people coming back to your website again and again.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Content-First Web Design

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