Why Blogging is Essential to Your Business

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Why Blogging is Essential to Your Business

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Some people think blogs are what their niece writes during her study abroad program or a quick place to find good recipes. While there are many types of blogs out there, those that are done for companies and brands can be huge asset to businesses. Blogs are great for companies and brands because they both bring current and potential customers to your website for updates, and also give you a big advantage in SEO.

How does blogging improve SEO?

Here’s how it works. Google will check your website one to two times per month. If you have rich, new content on a regular basis, Google will rank you higher in search results than if you just have ‘static’ pages, or pages that don’t change very often, such as ‘About’ or ‘Contact’ page. If you only have static pages, your website will rank lower for any given search term or keyword because Google has decided that you are not an authority on that keyword. We want to help you achieve and keep that authority status by blogging for your business on a regular basis.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are another benefit blogging brings to your business. Your business’ blog will show up in search engines for many more keywords than just the big ones that our SEO team determines for your website. The value of this is that by simply blogging for your business consistently, you can get more and more customers who might be searching more arcane keywords – keywords Google uses to rank you as an authority in your niche. This means you might get a new client or customer that normally would never have found your company with a more generic keyword.

Thought Leadership and Brand Identity

A blog is like your company’s very own newspaper. It’s a place to tell your stories, share your thoughts, and get show the world what you stand for. Through blogging, you share what your company stands for, ranging from the stories behind events and traditions your company has, to articles that highlight your lifestyle and values. These stories can establish you as a thought leader within your industry by showcasing what you believe in, highlighting your expertise, or sharing tips and tricks to make life a little easier.

Our writers are expert storytellers. From industrial filtration systems, to the where to eat brunch in Seattle, to highlighting which bathtub best suits your personality, we know how to step into your company’s shoes to best showcase your brand.

Our Process

As our client, you can be highly active or fairly hands off in your blogging-it’s up to you! Some of our clients will fully write their own blogs and our writers will edit, and others will be completely written by our writing team. We’ll work with you to find the best approach for your company, and together, discover relevant topics, necessary keywords, and a variety of other factors to keep your website up to date and your readers engaged.

Your blog is one of the most valuable things you have to drive search traffic and potential customers to your website. It’s the crown jewel of our small business content marketing services. Here’s how our blogging services work:

After our initial content meeting with you, one of our writers (each are individuals who have either studied or practiced journalism) will put together a list of blog post topics that are customized to your business’ target themes and keywords. We’ll ask you to either select your first blog post topic from that list, or – if inspiration strikes – let us know of another topic you’d like us to focus on for the first blog post.

We will research and write up a draft of your blog post, submit it for your review, and once you are satisfied, we will publish it on your website’s blog. As a result of time constraints and to avoid things falling through the cracks, we have a 5-day approval window in place. After we submit the post for initial review, we schedule the post to ‘go live’ on the website in five days. We can make any changes within or after that window. The goal of this policy is simply to keep your website up to day and ensure you do not fall behind on content.

Once the blog post is published, we promote it across social media channels to ensure it reaches your target audience. Therefore, the posts are not just written with Google search bots in mind; it is also engaging, interesting content that can benefit or entertain your real-people readers and maybe get them coming back to your blog for information or a few laughs.

Additionally, if you wish to add to your blog by writing your own posts alongside our single post per month, our content team members are happy to review your posts to add in the necessary SEO keywords and make sure that they work in a blog format. We encourage business owners and staff to contribute to their online value in content.
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