Why We Love Accessibe

Why We Love Accessibe

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Accessibe is a product that Marketeering Group uses to ensure your website is up to the highest standard and gives the greatest experience for the most site visitors. 

The Accessibe technology consists of an add-on widget that we layer onto your website. This widget uses machine-learning AI algorithms to analyze and modify your existing website content and pinpoint where we can make improvements. 

Accessibe also offers customizable options for users to adjust your website’s look and functionality to accommodate various disabilities. 

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Why Is Accessibility Important?

Accessibility should be a top priority for any business’s website. It’s critical to make sure that everyone — regardless of ability — can easily use your site. This includes those with auditory, cognitive, visual and other disabilities, who currently make up approximately 27% of the population.

Besides giving the best experience to as many users as possible, making your website accessible is good for your business’s success. You open up your website to a larger audience and more possible leads by removing roadblocks. 

Accessible websites also are key to avoiding legal ramifications. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide accommodations for those with disabilities. This means users who are deaf, are blind or need to use screen readers or other assistive technologies to navigate web content must be able to access your website.

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Benefits of Accessibe

Accessibe is a tool that drastically improves your website’s accessibility, which is why we here at Marketeering Group are big fans. Here are just some of the benefits of using Accessibe. 

Automatic Screen Reader Adjustments

Accessibe’s AI machine learning analyzes your website and makes adjustments for users who need screen readers. These automatic adjustments include an array of elements:

  • ARIA attributes
  • Icons and buttons
  • Forms and validations
  • Alt tags
  • State controls
  • Roles and landmarks

Automatic Keyboard Navigation Adjustments

The accessibility tool also uses AI to adjust your website to add keyboard-only functionality if necessary. Accessibe’s automatic navigation adjustments include the following:

  • Dropdowns
  • Menus
  • Skip links
  • Buttons
  • Poptr-ups
  • Forms

Regular Maintenance

Accessibe’s widget offers automatic detection and maintenance. This means it analyzes and optimizes the content on your website — new and old — for accessibility every 24 hours.

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Testing by Those With Disabilities

One great thing about Accessibe is that users with disabilities of their own test it. The company works with a wide range of users with various disabilities:

  • Blind users 
  • Users who need screen readers 
  • Users with motor impairments
  • Users with other cognitive disabilities 

These individuals use Accessibe and provide valuable usability feedback to enhance and improve the tool for everyone.

AI-Powered Remediation

Accessibe uses top-grade AI-powered analysis. It learns from context through scanning website encounters and user behaviors, then deciding what elements need repurposing on the page. AI-powered remediation allows for automatic adjustments on your website’s back end so that it stays accessible.

Litigation Support Package

Additionally, Accessibe offers 24/7 litigation assistance and coverage following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This not only protects your business from lawsuits but also can prove your ADA compliance if a negative claim arises.

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Optimize Your Website With Marketeering Group Today

Make sure your business does all it can to reach your target audience online. At Marketeering Group, we can help by implementing the best tools available — including Accessibe. 

We can assist with all your web development and search engine optimization needs to improve your online reputation and start getting you leads. Check out some of our web development work and request a consultation today to get started!

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