Why Everyone on Your Team Should Be Involved in Content Marketing

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Why Everyone on Your Team Should Be Involved in Content Marketing

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Your company most likely has its own content marketing department. However, limiting the responsibility of developing and publishing content to one specific department can end up being a shortsighted decision. 

When it comes to marketing, the most successful and innovative campaigns rely on the entire team — and content can be a powerful tool for almost all departments.

How Content Comes Into Play in Different Departments

Everyone on your team should be aware of the benefits of content marketing, and how content comes into play in each of their departments. 

For example:

  • A social media coordinator needs to understand the role of content marketing when crafting their social posts and developing clients’ social profiles. 
  • Web developers are expected to understand the importance of great content to build a solid, accessible website.
  • SEO teams need to understand how to best use and create content that will rank higher on search engine results pages.

Team-Generated Content Is Authentic

Besides helping your website rank and furthering your marketing goals, publishing content from your entire team can humanize your business and tell a complete story about your company’s culture. 

Team-generated content helps show the face of your company, assisting consumers in relating and connecting with the people behind the name. Your content will end up feeling more authentic, and your reputation and voice will solidify. 

Team-Generated Content Can Help the Recruiting Process

Behind-the-scenes content or team introduction bios will highlight your company culture and show why it is so great to work at your company. This is especially helpful if you are looking to hire more people. Department-wide content is a great recruiting tool that shows what makes you unique, straight from the mouths of your employees.

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Other Benefits of Distributing Content Creation Responsibilities

Distributing content creation among your entire team can also eliminate the risk of marketing burnout, help you meet deadlines, increase innovation, and fill gaps in your editorial calendars. The more content a team produces, the better the results, SEO and otherwise. More quality  content can lead to an increase in web traffic, leads, and sales.

Another benefit of team-wide content creation is that you may find the content is being shared more on social channels, gaining a larger audience. People are more likely to share things that they played a part in creating, and sharing something on a personal profile typically generates up to eight times more engagement than when it is shared on a brand’s page.

Your company will also be fostering an environment that encourages individuality and innovation and values people’s work. This should boost employee confidence and productivity, and overall team morale.

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Tips for Getting Everyone Involved in Content Marketing

  • Promote the benefits of content marketing to your whole team, and focus on how content marketing intersects with other departments such as social media, web development, and SEO.
  • Keep open channels of communication, whether through regular meetings, email, or Slack, so that everyone can give their input and brainstorm together. This is important so that all employees can relay their content ideas, ask questions, express concerns, and share their content.
  • Ensure that each department has autonomy over the content that they produce and encourage sharing content between departments via internal links and social shares.
  • Point everyone to a company-wide style guide to ensure that each new piece of content meets your guidelines and is reflective of your company’s voice and brand.
  • Regularly touch base about your content marketing efforts and the impact these campaigns are having. Show your team numbers and statistics that prove to them that their content efforts are appreciated, and that the benefits of everyone being involved in content marketing are undeniable.

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