Keep Optimizing Your Search Engine Optimization

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Keep Optimizing Your Search Engine Optimization

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In the world of webology, or search engine optimization, business owners who are new to the science of SEO generally think that SEO mastery is a quick, one-time effort that puts you at the top of all the right search results. We wish it was that easy, but frankly, it’s not.

Here’s the truth: good SEO results don’t start showing in a flash, and maintenance is required to keep them looking good. Good SEO is not immediate, nor is it lasting if it stands alone without upkeep.

Good things take time, and it’s the same when it comes to good SEO. So you decide to take on your SEO to make it better, adding in keywords, tweaking your page titles, compiling some helpful meta tags, and so on – SEOMoz is great for helping to show you what you need to change, by the way.

Then you wait, because it takes awhile for the search bots to recognize that you have made changes with your optimization. Especially if it’s been awhile since you added content to your page, these bots will have essentially forgotten about you until they make a routine visit (happens about once a month). Then look at all the goodies they’ll find! But until they make that visit, your brand-spanking-new SEO doesn’t really have a chance to work it’s magic.

Now you’ve got a great SEO strategy built in, with keywords that match what you do and page titles and content that draws humans and search bots – great! But you can’t just sit back and let your optimization work it’s magic. In order to keep good rankings in search, you really have to keep checking on your SEO, tweaking and changing as necessary. Think of it this way; you want to lose 20 pounds and you work it off. After losing that weight, you wouldn’t just stop going to the gym because you reached your goal, right? No, you’d maintain it (or try to). Keeping your SEO slim and successful is very similar. It requires upkeep – otherwise, if leave it alone, your strategy will become irrelevant over time and then you’re back where you started.

Implementing a good SEO strategy isn’t just about setting it up and watching it work. Like anything else in life, you have to be patient to begin with, and then you have to work to keep it working.