How to Get Click-Throughs in Email Marketing

Impressions, clicks and click through rate with a chart

How to Get Click-Throughs in Email Marketing

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Regular emails sent to your past customers are a great way to keep your brand on their minds. You can remind them of a great experience, or get them excited about something that’s coming. But email marketing can be tricky; it’s hard to tell how effective it actually is, unless you’re looking at your click-through rate.

Click-throughs are when a recipient clicks a link within the email, which sends them to another webpage with more information. This is valuable, because you can use these links to send them to a product page on your e-commerce site where they can purchase a product from you, or to a sign-up form for an event, or to a simple page on your website to learn more about your brand.

Obviously, you can’t exactly make your email recipients click their mouse to visit your website or product pages, but you can inspire them to do so through the right kind of link placement.

Tip #1: It’s all in the headline. The most important click you’ll get is the one that actually opens your email when the recipient sees it in their inbox. To win this click, you’ve got to grab them with an interesting headline, and continue with headlines throughout each section of your email that will make them want to read more. Tell them something they may not know, excite them with something special that’s coming, or let them in on an exclusive deal – those are the headlines that access their interest or curiosity.

Tip #2: Offer an incentive. Customers can be finicky; they know you want their business, but they sometimes need a reason to give it. One of the best ways to get a click-through (and hopefully a sale!) is by offering a deal, discount, or incentive of some kind in each of your email marketing campaigns. Then promote the heck out of it in your headlines, and maybe on your Facebook page too!

Tip #3: Give ‘em variety. Not everyone is interested in an upcoming event, or a product you’re promoting right now – some people like to learn. Keep your emails interesting with different topics of content (facts and tips, events or shows coming up, etc.), but also different types of content, such as videos, copy, and photos.

With a good first impression (headline), motivation, and an assortment of information, your click-through numbers should see quite a boost!