Top Two Reasons to Send an Email Campaign

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Top Two Reasons to Send an Email Campaign

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After last week’s blog about the ways email marketing can boost your small business, you’re probably getting excited about this method of digital marketing. That’s great! However, there are times when email campaigns bring more return on investment (ROI) than others, and today I’m going to share those to help you fine-tune your strategy.

Promotion or Announcement

You will see the highest ROI from email campaigns that include a timely promotion or important announcement. Specials, sales, discounts, promotions, events, news announcements, etc. are excellent reasons to send an email campaign, because they will get far greater (and more authentic) reach than a blog or Facebook post (even if it’s boosted with some ad dollars). Make sure to say all of the important stuff in the subject line, to get the most opens!


Several of our clients send monthly newsletters to their email contact list, and this is effective when you have several things to share with your audience. It’s a more passive way to do your email marketing, but it serves as an excellent reminder to your customers that you exist, and may help drum up more return business. Try to keep the content short and to-the-point, with lots of visuals. If you need to do longer pieces of content (more than 100 words or so in any section of the newsletter), post the entire piece on your blog, then only include a blurb and link to the blog post in the actual email newsletter. This allows interested readers to get all of the info they need, without cluttering the newsletter or overwhelming uninterested readers.

Since email marketing is direct to your customers, putting your business in front of them, there is no reason to send an email campaign if you don’t have any news. In fact, you may shoot yourself in the foot if you send a campaign that isn’t really news, because some of your followers could unsubscribe and you’ll lose them forever.

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