Top Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Top Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is coming back into fashion in a big way. Many of our clients have experienced incredible results by overhauling their email marketing efforts with a fresh, new strategy and small business owners can take advantage of some free tools to improve their email campaign performance with a few easy steps.

Try Mailchimp

We love Mailchimp for its easy-to-use, beautiful design capabilities and excellent reporting tools. If you’re a Constant Contact user or have an email list you’ve been sending out manually, it might be worth it to make a switch. Mailchimp is free (to a certain extent) but offers powerful paid tools for large lists.

Make It Interesting

Nobody likes a boring subject line. Capture the personality of your brand or company’s voice in your writing. Is your business strictly professional? Is it fun and lighthearted? This tone should be immediately communicated to your readers so they have a reason to open your email in the first place.

Make Reading Worthwhile

Nobody wants to open an email and ask, “What’s the point of this?” Give your email list a reason to continue opening, reading, and engaging with your content. Sharing industry-related news, events, and DIY tips are great ways to establish your email newsletters as a valuable and interesting resource in a person’s cluttered inbox.

Interested in pursuing a new approach to your email marketing strategy? Sitting on an old email list that you’ve been neglecting for a while? We can help bring your email marketing strategies back up to date and make it a relevant part of your digital marketing plan. Drop us a line to learn more or check out some of our previous success stories to get an idea of the Marketeering Group approach.