How a Site Rebuild Helped Seattle Mortgage Planners Increase Their Organic Search Traffic by 172.8%

How a Site Rebuild Helped Seattle Mortgage Planners Increase Their Organic Search Traffic by 172.8%

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About Seattle Mortgage Planners

Seattle Mortgage Planners is a trusted local mortgage broker who helps seasoned, first-time, and prospective homeowners with their home loan and refinancing options. Their goal is to provide guidance and assistance to individuals at any point along their homeowner’s journey — from applying for a loan to refinancing or selling their home. 

The Problem

What Were Seattle Mortgage Planners’ Issues and Concerns?

Seattle Mortgage Planners wanted an entire website rebuild, including new site architecture, with a big focus on the customer journey and improved user experience. Along with the new website came many new pages and subpages that needed fresh and creative content. 

The goal of this new site design was not only to provide a different focus and improved user experience, but to attract a younger local demographic of prospective homeowners in the area.

Why Did They Choose Marketeering Group?

Seattle Mortgage Planners has been a happy client of Marketeering Group for several years, so when they needed a new site rebuild, we were an easy choice. 

We have been able to watch and help Seattle Mortgage Planners grow and evolve as a business and reliable resource for their community throughout the years. Marketeering Group was not only already familiar with their brand, services, and goals, but we understood how to best communicate with each other — so taking on this project made sense.

The Process

Which Services Did Marketeering Group Provide?

Marketeering Group provided Seattle Mortgage Planners with the following services:

How Did Marketeering Group Improve Their Brand?

In order to help them with their rebrand, Marketeering Group chose to focus on their new ideal customer. Seattle Mortgage Planners wanted to focus on young prospective or new homeowners, which means they needed a brand makeover to appeal to that target demographic. 

The website rebuild involved a lot of new content writing by Marketeering Group that focused on the potential customer, the unique services they need, and the questions they might have as a new or prospective homeowner. 

We also added a resource section to the site that included a blog, FAQs, and a Seattle Neighborhood Guide. This guide focuses on different neighborhoods in Seattle and features fresh content from our content team and beautiful photography shot by our photo and video team. The visual design of the new website focuses on large photographs to portray a feeling of happy homeownership in the local Seattle area.

The Results

From application of Marketeering Group’s services, Seattle Mortgage Planners saw a 172.85% increase in organic SEO traffic following the launch of the new website.